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Don’t put them there!

I know, I know, another google search post. But (and I shit you not) someone recently reached this site by searching for the phrase: “fuck nose sausages” Yes, “fuck nose sausages.” Thank you, mystery person. It warms my chipolatas to know that there is someone out there who: Put sausages in his nose; Became enraged Continue reading →

Bird net facial

Devoid of inspiration? Fingers listless, tired? Check your google searches for fun and profit (and cheap blog posts). Boring of late, mine have shown sparks of life this week. We begin with the promising “big feces” – apparently Gillian McKeith* is a fan. Less excitingly, my site is now a veritable hub for all things Continue reading →

How work robot?

I’m going to stop apologising at the start of these entries, favouring instead a brash unashamedness. Thus, rejoice! This entry is both dorky and self-absorbed. For today I found out how to find what people searched for before finding my site. Thus I discover that I am something of a guru for those curious as Continue reading →