Stupid posters (again)

It seems plenty of other people are finding the freaky Met poster campaign disturbing. Firstly, there’s another one I hadn’t seen, if anything even dafter than the first:

Met bin poster

Hurray, everybody! Let’s start poking through our neighbours’ rubbish and reporting things we don’t understand! It’ll be a blast (boom boom (boom boom)).

The internet being the internet, however, people are having great fun changing the message, and a man called James Holden has set up a utility to do it for you, so even people who don’t have Photoshop can get in on the fun. Below is my best effort:

CCTV aliens poster

Only the elderly man was spared

It seems a bit pointless, however, as the unpronounceable qwghlm on Flickr has already made the best one possible.

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