Monthly Archive for May, 2007

Kids! Don’t reason with your face!

Using your face, that is. Remonstrating with your own face is fine, but not in public. Anyway. If I’m not feeling entertaining, I might as well be irritable. Today it is Ruth Kelly who is irritating me. Here are the things about Ruth Kelly that irritate me: Her face There’s more to it than that, Continue reading →

Fuck! My beard fell off!

It did, you know. What, details? Oh, all right. In short (har har), I, a consummate beardsman, have been betrayed by my tools. I was trimming my beard to the EU-approved length of 9mm (deviation 0.75mm), when disaster struck! As I neared the sideburns, the cheaply-manufactured trimming guard sprang from the jaws of my trimmer, Continue reading →

Syllogisms for the timid

Today I shall be conducting a lesson in logic for the fearful. Having observed at first hand the deleterious effects of mild peril on the rational abilities of the trembling classes, I think it’s only fair to start from the very start. So, what is a syllogism? Defined by Aristotle, a syllogism is the basis Continue reading →