Don’t put them there!

Fuck nose sausages

I know, I know, another google search post. But (and I shit you not) someone recently reached this site by searching for the phrase:

“fuck nose sausages”

Yes, “fuck nose sausages.” Thank you, mystery person. It warms my chipolatas to know that there is someone out there who:

  1. Put sausages in his nose;
  2. Became enraged by said sausages, and then, rather than simply removing them;
  3. Went on the internet to vent his frustration with them, and still found it necessary to check that he was unique.

I’m assuming, of course, that he is using fuck as a transitive verb. The possibility that it’s an adjectival modifier (“Steve has a great fuck nose, don’t you think?”) is too bewildering to contemplate.

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