Monthly Archive for October, 2006

Best thing ever happens

You wouldn’t believe it if you’d only read it, but an enterprising person of whom I’m very jealous took a fantastic photo (shamelessly stolen, right), proving conclusively that a pelican ate a pigeon in St. James’s Park the other day in what has to go down as easily the best Russian doll impression ever effected Continue reading →

How work robot?

I’m going to stop apologising at the start of these entries, favouring instead a brash unashamedness. Thus, rejoice! This entry is both dorky and self-absorbed. For today I found out how to find what people searched for before finding my site. Thus I discover that I am something of a guru for those curious as Continue reading →

They call me MISTER Beard

They do, you know. “Hey, Mr Beard,” they’ll say, gaily demanding that I fetch their still-fluffy underage lungs some fags from the corner shop. “Oh go on,” they say, trapped in their dilapidated schoolyard until the scandalous hour of 3pm. “No,” I say. But today, a disturbing development. “Ha ha,” one of the lovable ruffians Continue reading →