Monthly Archive for December, 2006

Retarded Reviews: Casino Royale

Retarded as in “late”, that is. En retard. Other retardation is strictly normal. Spoilers abound, because you’ve already seen it. Unless you haven’t, in which case: what are you; retarded? (readers in Chile exempt, of course…) So. Saw the new Bond movie. It’s pretty good. It leaves every male audience member subconsciously doing swishy things Continue reading →

Rap battlin’ for Jesus

Anyone who lives in London (or who has committed the usual visitor’s error of heading straight for Oxford Circus on arrival) will be familiar with the Oxford Circus Evangelist. At possibly the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing, he does for the traffic islanders what his predecessors did for the Pacific Islanders. “Don’t be a sinner … Continue reading →

Why things are funny (1): Custard

As half-heartedly implied by the ”(1)” in the title, this is intended to be the first in a recurring series explaining why things are funny. It’s not going to be an ontological exercise in categorising all things as funny or not funny; that would be ridiculous. This is just a resource for those who frequently Continue reading →