Monthly Archive for May, 2009

In which I force myself to write about bacon yet again…

…and find that even I’m bored of pig puns now. Anyway. “How was the bacon?” I hear you cry, as well you might. Pretty good. Pretty damn good, I reply. We’ve tested it in a number of exacting scenarios, and it has not proved wanting. 1) The Bacon Sandwich Arguably the purest use of bacon, Continue reading →

Police: Nose Cancer Increase Victory

Today the Serious Organised Crime Agency announced a major milestone in the fight against illegal drugs, as a survey suggested that thanks to heroic interdiction efforts, street supplies of cocaine now comprise up to 95% carcinogenic adulterants. SOCA chief Gail Upinyerschnoz was quoted as saying: This is one in the nose for the belligerent-at-parties community; Continue reading →

Swine Fever! – Rotation

Our bacon has been curing for a whole day; it’s time for the turn and rub. This is a highly technical procedure, so Sam and I have prepared an educational video to walk you through it.

Swine Fever! – Pork Scratchings

Today something beautiful took place in Kentish Town. An immaculate confection; the plugging of a hole in the universe. In short, the Dunollie Bacon Project is go. Equipped with the charcuterie bible, 2kg of curing salts, 500ml of maple syrup and a large chunk of pig we set forth, pausing only to document the moment: Continue reading →

Swine Fever! or, the Dunollie Bacon Project

Never let an opportunity for a tasteless joke pass you by, as I said to the man with no tongue recently. So it is that in these times of porcine woe, my housemates and I have decided to make bacon, and dub the project Swine Fever! Sam objects, arguing that this makes us a hostage Continue reading →