How work robot?

I’m going to stop apologising at the start of these entries, favouring instead a brash unashamedness. Thus, rejoice! This entry is both dorky and self-absorbed. For today I found out how to find what people searched for before finding my site.

Thus I discover that I am something of a guru for those curious as to how halloumi goes with bacon. Granted, these wannabe epicures will have been disappointed to discover that I haven’t actually combined these two items, but I bestow my wisdom on you now:

Bacon goes with everything.

Moving on through my not-quite-mail pile, we discover that someone in the United Arab Emirates would like to see “Lebanese singers fucking”. Not here, my friend; not here. I’m not even in the first ten pages of results on Google for said horny singers – I salute your tenacity, but fear for your tendons.

More miscellaneous items include “National trust blog”, which presumably garnered the searcher a nasty surprise; “smurfs in portugal”, to which no response seems sufficient, and “nude interrogations” which I can only assume is our seeker of Lebanese porn, returned after a bout of physiotherapy.

Finally, my favourite: “how work robot?” That says it all about me, really.

How work robot indeed, sir? How work robot indeed.

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