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Great Jobs #5372

I was just reading the Economist*. Specifically, I was reading a hugely self-improving article about how bacteria make you happy. I think I was, anyway; I may just be recalling one of those yoghurt drink adverts infesting late night television. Anyway, a particular bit leapt off the page, and I share it with you now: Continue reading →

Scientists detect fat people

Many of you will be aware of recent research performed by top scientists that allows them to detect fat people (bottom scientists, of course, have a much easier time of it). It involves 3D scanners, hospitals and men in white coats standing around saying, “indeed.” You, like me, will be gladdened by this remarkable breakthrough, Continue reading →

In which stupidity disrupts my Chi

I always like a good bit of stupidity, as long as I’m participating in it, and not having it inflicted upon me. Unfortunately this episode is an example of the latter, but I can look back and laugh. Aged about 6 or so I used to suffer from continuous and excruciating ear infections. For a Continue reading →

Walk like an echinosaur

I’m not one to mock the beliefs of others. Well, okay, I plainly am, but sometimes people’s beliefs mock themselves, and the anonymous proponent of the Reverse Theory (which I came across while working as a messageboard moderator at the BBC) is one such. An unusual take on Biblical inerrancy combined with some evolution-bashing for Continue reading →