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Selection Policy – a Plea

I held this back because King Cricket gets first dibs on Rob Key-related things. Unfortunately Rob bided his time on an England recall for a bit longer than any of us mortals might’ve hoped, but The Day is finally here. Sort of. He played! Sent to England cricket coach Peter Moores on May 1, 2008. Continue reading →

Breaking News: World runs out of news

In a development that has shocked Fleet Street, it transpired today that the world has run out of news. Pensioners were seen roaming the street, befuddled at the lack of stimulus from their cathode ray sets, and commuters on the Tube were heard to wonder, “don’t we have some kind of bat-signal that summons Amy Continue reading →

Where I’m going wrong

Or, “what I’ve learnt from cricketers.” A side-effect of following a series that takes place entirely while I’m asleep is that I end up reading rather more cricketing ramblings than is strictly healthy. Good has come out of it, however, as it turns out that I have a major failing I need to address. We’re Continue reading →