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Election Strategies #248

I am a terrible flirt

This accusation is levelled at many a womaniser (and maniniser, I suppose, although this sounds like a fragrance range created by Vin Diesel). “Oh, here comes Dave. He’s a terrible flirt, you know.” I resent it. What is clearly meant is that the subject is an incorrigible flirt. This leaves people who are genuinely terrible Continue reading →


Retarded Reviews: The Compass, Islington

An odd thing happened to me the other day. Two odd things, really. First, while playing pool I potted seven balls at my first visit to the table; a clear sign that something was afoot. Normally when I play pool, the words “odd” and “foot” spring to people’s minds for quite different reasons. The main Continue reading →

MPs in black square abuse probe

In an unprecedented political development today, it was revealed that almost every MP in the UK has been billing the taxpayer for the purchase of numerous black squares, many of which are believed to have been misused for private business. While members of the public are believed to broadly support the use of black squares Continue reading →