The Dr Pepper Conundrum (2)

Vending machineDear Person who fills the vending machine,

Hi. I wrote to you recently, you may recall, regarding the lamentable problems concerning the filling of the vending machine (enclosed). It’s all right – I’m starting to quite like Berry Blast, not to mention the mild excitement of not knowing whether today will be the day my Dr Pepper returns to me. What a day that will be!

However, my colleague has just informed me that the button marked “purple” Berry Blast is in fact vending a sort of yellowish beverage. This is most unsatisfactory for him, colourblind as he is. He can still taste the difference, you understand; he’s not a racist or anything.

Would it be possible to return to a semblance of labelling normality, or at least a consistent abnormality? One dreads to think of the liability should someone with an allergy to berries (or, for that matter, blasts) happen to inadvertently consume an erroneous beverage.

I hope this letter finds you well, and look forward to a resolution of this matter.



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